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Needing Help? We are passionate about patient care and our over 30 years of service prove it.  We are a state of the art physiotherapy and rehabilitation Centre, providing physiotherapy,  on-site hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and remedial massage services to restore function, reduce pain and get you back to good health.  Our on-site hydrotherapy pool and large Studio rehabilitation gym provide a safe rehabilitation environment to retrain core stability, balance, strength, and coordination.  We work alongside:

Welcome to our wonderful world of feeling better.  It is our pleasure to support the “People who care” Charity and the Relay for Life (Mandurah).



If you have a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath and you have travelled overseas in the past month, it is important you seek medical care early. Please contact us via phone prior to making an appointment or visiting our clinics.

With the current concerns about COVID-19 we would like to reassure our clients that we are taking all possible measures to ensure the clinic is cleaned and not only meets the Health Dept requirements but our personal requirements. We are following all best practice measures to ensure we minimise any chance of transmitting this virus in our clinic. It is our priority to keep you safe and well during your Therapy treatment.

Our Practice is taking Steps to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 By:

  • Patients to sanitise hands on entering and exiting the building
  • Wiping down and disinfect all treatment beds and hard surfaces within clinic rooms and rehab areas
  • Hand Washing before and after each patient and Use of protective equipment if required
  • Social distancing and avoiding hand shaking
  • Patients can bring their own towels and pillows
  • Therapists can give effective treatment with patient being fully clothed if required.

Your comfort is our priority , so please let us know  if you are comfortable with our procedure.

For more information:  COVID-19 Information, Telehealth – Physio on Video


Mandurah Physiotherapy offer a range of services including:



Studio Gym



Sleep Apnea

Vertigo/ Dizziness Rehabilitation

When our balance systems are not functioning well, we can experience feelings of dizziness. Dizziness can cause a variety of sensations and symptoms: feelings of spinning (vertigo) or off balance, nausea, fatigue, and loss of normal vision. It can also cause secondary neck stiffness, fear or lack of movement and possible headaches.

Your physiotherapist can assist in determining the cause of your dizziness and treat it appropriately.


Stay up to date with the latest from Mandurah Physiotherapy:

Try Shockwave therapy for chronic pain and a faster recovery

Try Shockwave therapy for chronic pain and a faster recovery

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Needing Massage?

Needing Massage?

Needing Massage? Have you met Jane?  She is one of 5 of our fabulous Remedial Massage Therapists who work at the clinic providing vital remedial massage services.   If you haven't had visited us before, here is your chance.  Ring 9535 7439 to book or use our book...

Coronavirus updates – What we are doing

Coronavirus updates – What we are doing

With the governments' support at this time we’re really focussed on providing services to you in a safe and secure environment and as such we can now provide home visits or online consultations if you don’t want to or are unable to attend the clinic in person.  We are...

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