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Massage Therapy Services

Massage Therapist
Mandurah Physiotherapy continues to benefit from the remedial massage skills of Miriam.  Miriam works Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and her remedial massage may be claimed through private health funds.  She continually has special offers available and fills up quickly, so ring and book today on 9535 7439
Miriam is a qualified registered massage therapist who […]

Physiotherapy for children

There is often a quick fix for the cause of children’s pain or dysfunction.  At Mandurah physiotherapy, we have physiotherapists who have special interest in the treatment of children.  We can help your child with:

Milestone development- infancy to childhood
Motorskill & lifestyle development- rolling, reaching, crawling, walking running, jumping, riding, ball skills
Growing Pains
Scoliosis or posture concerns
Sitting still […]

Spinal stretches program

Upper and lower limb basic stretches

Keeping our bodies active

We believe exercise is important.  Previously it was thought that once you retired inactivity was acceptable.  It’s now recognized that activity is beneficial throughout our journey. Our bodies are designed to exercise every day.  In fact, if we don’t exercise, just as if we don’t eat, our body literally starts to break down and all […]

The Unstable Shoulder

Dislocation or subluxation of the shoulder is a result of shoulder instability.  Dislocation is when the joint pops out of joint and has to be assisted back into position, or slowly goes back into position with time.  Subluxation is when the shoulder joint pops out and then goes back into position immediately.  It can still cause […]

The Problem Shoulder

Injuries to the shoulder can generally be classified into 3 groups: Rotator Cuff, Instability and Frozen Shoulder.  The physiotherapists treat a lot of difficult shoulders, the most common being Rotator Cuff or muscle imbalance problems around the shoulder.  As the shoulder is a very muscular joint, if these muscles are not working properly it can […]

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is an ambiguous term, often describing the shoulder when, for no apparent reason, there is pain and a loss of motion.  The literature states that it is probably due to a virus, but can also arise through trauma.  Gleno-humeral capsulitis or frozen shoulder is thought to develop as a result.  This means inflammation […]

On-field Sports Injuries

Physiotherapists treat a lot of sports Injuries that occur on the field.  The immediate good management of these injuries improves the prognosis of quick recovery.
Injuries that occur on the field need to be assessed properly for best results. A trainer, coach, GP or physiotherapist usually does this.  If the injury is severe then the player […]

Safe Sports Clubs

Safe Sports Clubs are supported by Mandurah Physiotherapy in Mandurah.  We see a lot of sports injuries, some of which could have been prevented by improved club policies.
Children’s sports clubs have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for players, coaches, referees, and spectators, not only to reduce the potential for injury but also to […]