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Are you a tradie in pain?

A tradies’ health is their most important tool, yet Australian tradies experience some of the highest rates of injury and time off work compared to other workers. In fact, 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve a tradie, despite tradies making up only 30 percent of the Australian workforce. The Australian Physiotherapy Association is encouraging […]

Back Pain

Back PainAt Mandurah Physiotherapy Back Pain is a very common complaint and is experienced by almost the entire population at some stage in their lives.Chronic back pain can be painful and frustrating. Recent research has shown that persistent low back pain is due to a range of factors including: poor disc hydration/health, stiff spinal segments, […]

Correct Lifting

Lifting injuries are a common cause of back pain. You can protect yourself against damage with good lifting habits, both at home and in the workplace.How Lifting Can Injure Your SpineWhen you lift, your spine is put under stress. Twisting or jerking while lifting and carrying can injure the small joints of the spine. The […]


What is good posture?
Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or laying down. Good posture helps to minimise the amount of strain imposed on our muscles, joints and ligaments whilst performing our daily activities.

Proper posture:

Minimises muscle strain by keeping bones and joints in optimal alignment.
Decreases the […]

Workstation Ergonomics

Your workstation should be set up to cause the least amount of stress on your body. Prolonged hours of poor posture or repetitive work habits, often in a stressful environment can result in significant overuse injury. Applying the following points can help to minimise such injuries.Important points to note :Sit in front of your workstation […]

Optimal Chair Setup

Correct seating posture is an essential ingredient to preventing spinal injury and fatigue.The basic features of a good chair are :– height adjustable – pelvic tilt on seat – lumbar supportAdjust the height of your chair such that your knees are level or just below hip height and that your feet are flat on the […]

Back Pain with prolonged sitting

The reason that driving or sitting for that matter causes your back to ache is fairly simple.  The entire back in standing is very cleverly designed to form an “S” curve when viewed sideways in order to cope with the everyday stresses placed on it. This creates a spring or bouncy effect with stresses to […]

Rib pain

There are a variety of reasons for rib pain.  One of the common reasons is  injury to your mid spine (thoracic) or one of the small joints joining the ribs to the spine.  Often these problems produce only referred rib pain around the chest and not a lot of back pain.  You may have strained […]

Sciatica pain?

Sciatica pain comes from the large nerve, the sciatic nerve which passes down through the buttocks, down the back/side of the thigh and then divides into other nerves in the low leg.  There are many reasons as to why this nerve becomes inflamed but it often originates from the lower back.  The sciatic nerve is formed […]

Chronic Low Back Pain

 Chronic low back pain can be very painful and frustrating.  It is also very common.  Recent research has shown that persistent low back pain is probably due to a range of factors including: poor disc hydration/health, stiff spinal segments, poor muscle control, degeneration of the spine and/or nerve compression.  This may lead to not enough […]