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Muscle and Joint pain

Muscle and Joint pain are common musculoskeletal complaints and need to be assessed for best results. The therapists at Mandurah Physiotherapy see a lot of these types of injuries all over the body.Muscles which contract to create movement can be injured, and become strained.  Ligaments around joints help control the available movement of a joint, […]

Ligaments and Tendons – The difference

A ligament is a support structure around a joint.  Its function is to limit movement.  For example, the knee whose basic function is to bend and straighten with minimal rotation.  Without its ligaments, it would be very floppy with movement in all directions and you would be unable to place weight on the knee and […]

Low Calcium Levels-What should you do?

Women in particular have increased requirements for calcium.  Calcium is a mineral, which plays an essential role in growth, muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.  It is extremely important for the development of strong bones, so it is essential that we all have adequate amounts in their diet.  Women who are menstruating should have […]

Thinking Steroids are pretty harmless?

Steroids in the gym may appear to be harmless and seem to make training that little bit easier and more productive in terms of muscle size and strength. However, the side effects that they have which make them dangerous, apart from the fact that they are illegally obtained so that you don’t really know what you […]

Workstation Setup for optimal spinal health

Sustained sitting can cause back and neck pain.  Optimal workstation set up is vital to minimise back pain while working in a sitting position.  Your chair is very important.  The back of your chair should mimic the shape of your back.  There should be an inward curve in your lower back and this should be […]

Stretches at the Office

If working for long periods in a sustained position, office exercises should be performed every 20-40 minutes in order to give the body a break. The “office workout” is becoming popular with employers as they realize that by allowing their employees to have this short regular break they are maintaining better health and are therefore […]

Had a sporting injury?

Acute sporting injuries that occur should be treated as quickly as possible and there are several things that can be done for soft tissue injuries that will speed recovery. Even minor sports injuries should be assessed by a qualified professional for best results.  The earlier the assessment the better. 
If the injury is soft tissue then […]