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Neck & Headaches

Neck Pain

Persistent or recurring headaches,  may be neck related, and you may not even have pain!   This cause of headache has been commonly overlooked which has often resulted in patients suffering for many years.Mandurah Physiotherapists  assess and treat neck pain and neck related cervicogenic headache.Headaches caused by the structures of the neck are often one-sided, with […]

Contoured Pillows

The most common cause of neck pain (and disturbed nights), is “prolonged abnormal posture during sleep”. A soft filled pillow that quickly loses its shape fails to offer the level of support required to relax the heads support system of neck muscles and ligaments. Instead, these structures are left unsupported and cause neck strain.
Maintaining good […]

Whiplash and Chronic Neck Pain

Physiotherapists see a lot of painful necks!  It is one of those areas of our body we use all the time and take for granted.  And it can get injured, overused, and wear out with time, excess loading and poor posture. It can then cause pain, headaches, arm pain and a range of other symptoms […]