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Tips to squat Correctly

4 Tips To Squat Correctly
Squats are one of the best exercises for people with knee pain or arthritis.  They maintain the strength in major leg muscle groups such as glutes (buttocks) and quads (front of the thigh). They are a great weight-bearing exercise for optimizing bone health, Many clients avoid squats due to knee arthritis, but interestingly, people with knee […]

Sports Injuries

Mandurah Physiotherapy staff treat sports Injuries, both acute and chronic.  By assessing and treating these injuries as soon as possible will speed up recovery and return to sport.Injuries that occur on the field need to be assessed properly for best results. A trainer, coach or physiotherapist usually does this. If the injury is severe then […]

Ice or Heat for injury?

Ice is an effective and natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory.   Ice should be applied over the inflamed area in the acute or early stages of your problem.  Whenever you experience swelling, redness or sharp / stabbing pain it is generally considered best to apply ice. Repeat until symptoms ease – usually for 24 – 48 […]

Keeping our bodies active

We believe exercise is important.  Previously it was thought that once you retired inactivity was acceptable.  It’s now recognized that activity is beneficial throughout our journey. Our bodies are designed to exercise every day.  In fact, if we don’t exercise, just as if we don’t eat, our body literally starts to break down and all […]

On-field Sports Injuries

Physiotherapists treat a lot of sports Injuries that occur on the field.  The immediate good management of these injuries improves the prognosis of quick recovery.
Injuries that occur on the field need to be assessed properly for best results. A trainer, coach, GP or physiotherapist usually does this.  If the injury is severe then the player […]

Safe Sports Clubs

Safe Sports Clubs are supported by Mandurah Physiotherapy in Mandurah.  We see a lot of sports injuries, some of which could have been prevented by improved club policies.
Children’s sports clubs have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for players, coaches, referees, and spectators, not only to reduce the potential for injury but also to […]

Sport in retirement? Do I have to?

Exercise is vital throughout our life.  We are designed to exercise and the fitness and longevity of our bodies depend on it.  Our physiotherapist’s design specific programs for individuals following an extensive assessment of their needs. 
Exercise will assist in keeping you independent for longer.  It also helps control medical problems and weight issues.We are living […]

Develop a running program

Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists deal extensively in exercise prescription and the progression of exercise programs.  Please note this is general information only and we advise getting professional advice. 
Ensuring that your health has been checked, then you should start to train for a 5 km run at least 8 weeks before the event.  Warm-ups and downs […]

Mouthguards for contact sports

A mouth-guard is a shock absorber for the teeth and jaw.  When properly fitted, a mouth-guard will protect teeth, stop teeth biting into the lips and act as a shock absorbing layer between the teeth to reduce concussion and jaw fracture.  Teeth are tough, but not tough enough to stand a head-on collision with an […]

Weight Training for endurance sports and everyday life

Endurance sports such as Hockey are high energy sports involving endurance and strength for optimum results.  
Weight training is beneficial to enhance performance in lots of sports and is certainly being used now at many levels.   It assists to increase muscle strength, muscle power, and endurance all of which are necessary for sports.  A lot […]