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Women’s and men’s Health & Pelvic Floor

Men’s pelvic health

Men, just like women can suffer from incontinence and issues with leakage with a cough, sneeze or when lifting.  It is most common with men in the older age category who may have prostate issues or be recovering from prostate surgery.  At Mandurah Physiotherapy we will take a full history and assessment of the pelvic […]

Neotonus Chair

The Neotonus Chair employs powerful pulsing magnetic fields to stimulate nerve activity in the pelvic floor, which in turn exercises the muscles that control bladder function, improving strength and endurance and increasing circulation. The Neotonus Chair is available at Mandurah Physiotherapy.
Neotonus is a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy for the treatment of incontinence. It can also help […]

Women’s Pelvic Health

Women’s Health deals with issues that may affect women. This includes pregnancy care, both pre and post natal.  It can also include changes that occur with aging and menopause, and may be related to pelvic internal surgery.  It may also involve incontinence or pelvic floor weakness or over activity.  Leaking of urine is a common […]

Sacroiliac pain during Pregnancy

Sacroiliac or pain over the tailbone is very commonly treated by physiotherapists for pregnant women.  Our clinics in Mandurah and Rockingham have experienced staff who can help. 
When women become pregnant their joints become more mobile than normal.  This is due to a hormone called relaxin that is released during pregnancy.  The mobile joints allow […]

Exercise During Pregnancy?

The important thing to remember about pregnancy is that it is a normal condition, not an illness and unless you have complications, it should be possible to enjoy sport at some level throughout most of your pregnancy.  Our staff can offer individual consultations and exercise programs such as clinical pilates, Hydrotherapy, and gym work to […]

Exercise During Menopause?

The latest research shows that both diet and exercise play a significant role in how we cope going through this period.  Our clinics offer Clinical Pilates and exercise classes tailored to your needs during this sometimes difficult time.
Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive era.  It is indicated by the stopping of the menstrual period […]

PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) affecting sport

Hormones can play havoc with our physical well being.  Our therapists understand your concerns. There are certainly some things that can be done.  It is important to try to continue exercise during this period of change. 
Premenstrual syndrome or PMS as they call it has many symptoms both emotional and physical.  Some of these are:  depression,anxious, […]