New Patients

Mandurah Physiotherapy would like to welcome all new clients to our friendly family clinic.

Many of our referrals come from past clients or Medical Practitioners in Mandurah who have been impressed with our standard of service. Should you become a client of ours, we would love you to refer your friends and family to our clinic.

We are situated on Pinjarra Road near the Anstruther road lights, next to Mandurah Medical Centre and Rainbow Health.  Please check out our location guide,  for further directions.


“If you do not understand the cause of your problem after your first consultation then we will insist on refunding your money in full-no questions asked!”

You have nothing to lose, give us a try.  We can assist you to good health and lifestyle.

Referrals and Medicare

Medical Referrals are necessary for all Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle and Veteran Claims.  If you suffer a chronic condition you may be eligible for an EPC(medicare) referral which may cover up to 5 appointments per annum.  Please discuss your eligibility for this with your GP. 

Private clients do not require a referral and may be able to claim back immediately through our HI-CAPS system through their Private Health Fund.

Individual Time Slots

Your Appointment time is allocated specifically for you.  We do not double book at Mandurah Physiotherapy.  In order to give you the very highest quality treatment we endeavour to be on time as much as possible.  We ask that you do the same.  If you cannot attend your appointment, please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice, to avoid being charged for the time booked.  In this way we can try to fill the vacant appointment.  Less than 8 hours notice may not allow us to do this.  Non attendance of appointments will be charged the consultation fee.  We thank you for valuing our time.


What should I bring? Bring all relevant medical documents, x-rays and tests to your first consultation
What should I wear?  Wear comfortable clothing so we can access the relevant body part (and surrounding areas) easily and without causing embarrassment.
How long does an appointment take?   Initial appointments are generally 40 -50 minutes.  Following appointments are approximately 20-30 minutes.
Do I need a referral?  If you are a private patient, you don’t need a referral.  If you are covered by work or car insurance, veterans or medicare, you will require a referral.
What should I wear for hydrotherapy?  We suggest either a swimming costume or shorts and a t-shirt.
What should I bring to exercise classes?  Bring water and a small towel.  Closed shoes need to be worn with all gym equipment except pilates equipment and mat work.  We will ask for your help to clean our equipment between users for hygiene purposes.
Does Medicare cover Physiotherapy? Yes, but there are limitations. Only patients with chronic conditions & complex care needs that are being managed by their doctor under an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan can claim Medicare. Benefits can be claimed for up to five (5) allied health services in a calendar year from eligible allied health professionals (AHP) such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists etc.  A gap is generally applicable and a specific referral is required to be filled in by your GP.
Does Private Health Insurance cover Physiotherapy? Yes, how much you get back will depend on the level of cover that you have chosen with your private health insurer.  We encourage you to personally check with your fund regarding the amount of rebate that will be provided and any limits there may be before any treatments are commenced.

Applicable Information

Please check out our location and our Office Policies which will give you valuable information about how we manage our business. Meet the team to find out about our experienced and capable staff members. We work as closely as possible to scheduled appointments.  Minor delays are sometimes unavoidable but every effort is made to adhere to scheduled times.  We ask that you endeavour to be punctual to appointments to avoid limiting your consultation time.

Please arrive at your first appointment 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to allow time for paperwork.  This will assist in diagnosing and treating your  problem.

We look forward to meeting you at your first appointment!

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